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BBC Radio Shropshire interview with Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin talks to the BBC about his years in dairy farming, why he had to uproot and sell his farm and how he is coping with this change in direction. Find out how he feels this experience could be shared more openly by farmers and how despite everything it has not dampened his enthusiasm and passion for dairy farming and the agricultural industry as a whole.

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Jim Franklin interview part 1

Starts 1 hour and 19 minutes into the show 

Jim Franklin interview part 2

Starts 1 hour and 42 minutes into the show


Information on Jim's farm

"It is with a heavy heart and no small lump in my throat that I have to announce our departure from dairy farming at Park Farm. It is not a choice that I have made personally but by the partnership under which the dairy farm was run.

It has been a massive honour to be included on the @thisisdairy farmer profile and I wish all the very best to all those who carry it forward through what will be some challenging times regards farmgate milk prices onto better times for both the farmers and their beloved Ladycows.

Speaking of Ladycows, we are preparing ours for the dispersal sale soon to be, along with the machinery. Needless to say, it is the Ladycows I will miss the most-the many different characters and their companionship. One saving grace is that we are currently #tbfree which means they will be sold as healthy, milking Ladycows who will go on to produce milk on another farm. Don't forget #BeMoreCow !

If you wish to follow proceedings through this challenging time, find me @milkmaker73 on Twitter. For now, I fully intend on staying connected with Farming, I'm just not sure what form it may take! Watch this space...

Kind regards and stay safe,"

Jim Franklin

 #TeamDairy #DiscoverDairy


Our closed herd of around 130 Pedigree Holstein Friesian cows and our fantastic Hereford bull called Bernie, graze outdoors during the Summer and are loose housed during Winter and bad weather conditions.

We have a herringbone milking system in the parlour with milking taking place twice a day at 4am and 3pm. Our cows produce 2800 litres of milk a day which is used to supply local schools, shops and  the community residents through the local milk round.

The farm is also a Red Tractor Assured farm which means that our standards of farming ensure we provide you with milk that has been produced through a safe, reliable and traceable system. 

As a 2nd generation farmer I am very passionate about dairy farming, as most of us dairy farmers are and I love working outdoors with the wonderful Shropshire countryside as my office, the relationship with the livestock and their individual personalities and the day to day challenges we face.  Every day is different! 

Someone once asked me ‘what is your favourite view from the farm?’ Well…………………………………..

East is nice. North is quite cool. South is wonderful when the clouds are right. West at every single sunset.  Any field that is being worked in, or has our lovely Ladycows grazing in it. Most of all, straight up, on a cold, clear, night with a sky absolutely rammed with stars and the odd planet. Never fails to impress and reminds you what you are. I think that about rounds it up!