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The Environment Expert

How do farmers look after the environment and wildlife? And what’s the truth about methane emissions?

Environment Experts, like Liam Sinclair in our video, calculate how much carbon it 'costs' to produce a litre of milk. They'll look at how much carbon is emitted by lighting a farm building, by milking the cows or by transporting feed – even by our lovely dairy cows! Yes, cows emit the greenhouse gas methane through their natural digestive processes. How? You'll have to watch the video to find out!

Armed with these benchmarks, Environment Experts work with farmers to help them cut their emissions. It's a role our dairy farmers take very seriously. In fact, greenhouse emissions from UK dairy farms today count for just 2% of the UK's total emissions. And dairy farmers are working to cut emissions even further through the Dairy Roadmap – a UK taskforce tracking the progress the industry is making on environmental matters.

Many dairy farmers are also  custodians of the countryside environment too. Creating “wildlife corridors” by leaving a strip of grass around the edge of the pastures, as well as planting wooded areas and establishing ponds,all to attract wildlife and protect the environment for the future. Read more about the Dairy Roadmap and how our dairy farms protect the environment here