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Cow Barn

Cow Barn

Cows, like us, want spacious homes with clean, comfortable beds and plenty of light, especially in winter.

They may not have to worry about UK property prices, but cows are discerning customers when it comes to their accommodation. Just like us, they want spacious homes with clean, comfortable beds and plenty of light – some might call these ladies high maintenance, but that’s fine with us!


On most British farms, this is particularly important in winter, when most cows stay indoors to keep warm and dry. Dairy farmers know that cows enjoy each other's company and like to move around, so they make sure their barns are spacious and airy, with designated areas for exercise as well as rest.


There are two main types of barn used in Britain; loose housing, which means that the cows move around freely inside the barn and have communal laying areas when they want to rest, and the free stalls system with individual bedded stalls that the cows can rest in and leave as they wish. There are many different types of bedding available - sand, sawdust, mattresses and straw are common and often used together for extra comfort..


Regardless of the type of housing used, dairy farmers are kept busy looking after their cows during the winter. Manure is removed regularly, new bedding is put in, and the cows are fed a winter mix of silage and other feeds such as cereals with added vitamins and minerals.

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