This is Dairy Farming

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Milking, feeding – even cleaning. These robots are doing it all down on the farm.

When you hear the words 'modern' and 'cutting-edge', dairy farming might not be the first thing you think of. But, as  our 'Dairy Good Invention' video reveals, dairy farmers are using highly sophisticated technologies to increase efficiency, support animal health and welfare, and streamline processes.

Robotic milking parlours have been around since the late 1990s. Nowadays the latest computerised milking parlours let the cows decide when they're milked, monitor milk quality, and calculate a cow's weight and health status to give the farmer a heads-up on any issues. Then there are automated 'feed-pusher'  to ensure cows have access to good quality food where and when they need it and 'cleaner' robots to keep the shed as pristine as possible!

Gareth Tape of Hardisworthy Farm in Devon calls the technology 'life-changing' – both for him and his cows. Watch the video to find out why.