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Red Tractor

Red Tractor

Red Tractor is the largest food assurance scheme in the UK. It ensures the food you buy is traceable, safe to eat and has been produced responsibly – from farms to fork! Help support dairy farming and dairy cow welfare in Britain.

Trust the Tractor

The Red Tractor logo on packaging is a guarantee that the dairy food or drink product you are choosing to buy meets rigorous standards of food safety, environmental protection and animal health and welfare. Red Tractor Farm Assured British milk is world class. It is produced on farms that are managed by highly professional, well-qualified and caring stockmen.

The Union Flag in the Red Tractor logo guarantees that the product can be traced back to UK farms. All products carrying the Red Tractor have robust traceability standards and good farming practices behind it. So when you are next out shopping for your family meals and want peace of mind about the food you are buying and eating, Trust the Tractor to help support great British dairy farming and great food!

Red Tractor News

Our friends at Red Tractor have teamed up with Alex James, musician, foodie and farmer and appeared at The Big Feastival this year, where they were urging the public to find out more about what The Red Tractor logo stands for. 

'Visit the Red Tractor website to learn more about food assurance standards and SIGN UP to their newsletter.


Trustthe Tractor