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The Everyday Things

Breakfast is only the beginning...

Our video 'The Everyday Things' takes you on a journey to discover the everyday ways that dairy farming touches our daily lives.

You see, it isn't just about the milk on your cereal or the butter on your toast, it's the familiar sight of cow-spotted fields, a music festival held on a farm, a spot of countryside camping or even a country stroll. All of these things are made possible by Britain's dairy farmers because they're working in ways that help preserve the environment.

Our dairy farmers trim the hedgerows you may stroll past, they plant trees, wooded areas and establish ponds so local wildlife can flourish and live together, and we can continue to enjoy the countryside.

Some dairy farmers are even making electricity from manure! It's all thanks to a clever 'anaerobic digester' which breaks down the manure, producing biogas which can be turned into electricity and fed into the National Grid.

You see, farmers aren't just food producers – they're custodians of the countryside. They're working in harmony with the environment to keep Britain beautiful and farming forever.